GD & Seungri were addicted to what drama?

Remember the interview in which Kpop girlgroup, Miss A’s Fei stated that she learned Korean by watching ‘Goong/Pincess Hours’ repeatedly? ‘Goong/PH’, has had many impact on today’s young stars^^ And now, two more closet ‘Goongers’ have revealed their obsession on TV.

In a recent Big Bang episode of tvN ‘Talk Show At the Location TAXI‘ aired on 2/10, Big Bang talked about their relationships between the members and their career. The episode was highly successful as it came in first place in ratings for its time slot.

One of the issues discussed on the show was about how Seung Ri and G-Dragon didn’t talk to each others for 3 months and weren’t getting along after forming Big Bang. What solved their problems? Well, both of them were ‘Goong’ fans and as the drama aired, they ended up watching it together..and naturally became close friends^^

Seung Ri stated, “Although I went into the dorm after joining Big Bang, I wasn’t able to say a word to G-Dragon for 3 months. But because we were both ‘Goong’ fans, we were able to naturally become closer while watching the drama together.”


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