Hyomin’s talked-about fall on Inkigayo

Watch Hyomin fall over at 1:51 in the clip above.
You can also notice she’s a bit distracted onstage after the fall…

T-ara member Hyomin fell over onstage on the 22nd of July when T-ara were performing their newest song “Day By Day.” I mean, honestly, look at the heels that the girls are wearing, I would fall easily in those. This made netizens and fans (“queens” as they call T-ara’s fans) panic and worry about her health condtion and if she’d hurt herself. It elapsed so Hyomin herself wrote a message to everyone worried on Twitter;

“Sigh. So many things happened today. I fell on the stage like an idiot. That was a very close call considering our concert starts the day after tomorrow. To the worried people who have been asking my if I am okay, my wrists, my ankles, and my knees are all fine. Please don’t worry!“.

No need to worry guys, this girl can take a fall!


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