New Interview with GD


[Q] Music: What are you currently listening to?
[GD] I am obsessed with Frank Ocean’s ‘Think About You’ and of course I listen to our songs everyday but when I want to relaxed, I listen to it.

[Q] Oxygen: What do you rely on living just like you rely on oxygen?
[GD] Oxygen, like a thing to rely on? Of course it is music, without music. I can’t live.

[Q] Naked: If you are naked, what body parts will you be most confident of?
[GD] I can tell it here? It is a secret (laugh)

[Q] Secret: Tell our readers a recent secret!
[GD] It is also a secret. (laugh)

[Q] Tear: What will you do when you are facing a girl who is tearing up?
[GD] I will hug her tightly. Recently, I have not cried much. I have not been touched so much (like watching film).

[Q] Empty: To be frank, recently, I am in lack of XX
[GD] Not enough…? I am too busy these days so I don’t have the time to do what I want to do. I am coming into contact with different genres of music when I am composing songs. Although there are things that I want to do but I do not have the time to do them

[Q] Rain: It is raining season in Japan, what do you feel about it?
[GD] I don’t hate rain. When I feel a little bit lonely, I get the inspiration of composing by watching rain. In this way, I will compose sad songs.

[Question from the members] Talk about Gaho please?
[GD] Mysteriously he has become so big! In fact he is the real monster. (shows how big with hands)Since I am always not at home, he is being taken over by my family members.

[Question from the members] Which city of Japan do you like? Where do u want to visit in Japan?
[GD] The city that I love is not Tokyo but Ito. Last time when I was there, I saw scenery like the one I saw in Howl’s Moving Castle so I love it so much.

[Question from the members] Any interesting things that happen to you and your members recently?
[GD] Since all of us are adults now, I feel glad that we can go to Japanese pub restaurant together.

[Question from the members] If you are given a day to spend in Japan, what will you do?
[GD] It will be a busy day. First of all, I will wake up early to play at Fuji Q Highland until noon. In the afternoon, I will return to Tokyo in order to eat delicious food. Then go to Okinawa at night and enjoy hot spring. If my schedule is like this, then I have to take a rest on the next day too. (laugh)


Sorry if you notice the weird english, someone translated it first from japanese to chinese, then someone else translated it from chinese to english, so there’s some sentences that are a bit strange…


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