Sheet masks and snail stuff

I bought some skin-stuff two days ago in Myeongdong. These are some of the items I bought in the picture above. I bought my father the paprika/pepper-shaped Elbow and Heelcream (mostly because of the shape of it’s container, but my dad also has problems with really dry skin on his elbows so it would be great if the cream helped that problem) from Baviphat. Also I bought a sheet mask, the other two I got as complementary gifts when I bought other stuff. Right now I’m trying out the Etude House Collagen sheet mask. It smells like roses and I really love the result on my skin after I’ve worn a sheet mask. I heard somewhere that you’re supposed to do a facial mask at least once a week to keep your skin looking as healty and nice as possible. Collagen masks are probably one of my favourite. In general though I’m a huuuge fan of sheet masks, and I really do recommend everyone to try them out. You can buy them cheep from eBay amongst other places.
I love that I got a complementary Snail sheet mask from Baviphat and a complementary Pearl Extract sheet mask from Etude House too. The snail-extract really improved my skin, and also have heard many similar stories as to my experience in using snail products. But I’ve only so far used snail-extract products from Holika Holika (Snail Ampoule and Snail facial cream), the same one as Jung Yonghwa used to do commercials for for the make-up brand (picture below).

Oh, also I saw a drinking yoghurt here named “Collagen”, how weird isn’t that? In a normal convenience store. I didn’t dare to dry it of course, I think collagen fits better on me than inside me….

HOW TO USE SHEET MASKS: Put on the sheet mask trying to cover as much of the skin on your face as you can, then wait up to 20 minutes. After that take the sheet mask off and throw away, then pat in the excess fluid into your skin. After that you’re finished!


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