Hey guys, I want to introduce you to my favourite new-comers in K-pop. This is The JJ Project. Their under JYP Entertainment like many other famous bands like Miss A, Rain, 2PM, 2AM and so on. They are super cute, have the cool style of B.A.P and they seem charming. They’ve only yet started promoting their first song “Bounce” but I already (eventhough I have not yet seen them live) like them a lot. What impressed me the most about these boys was seeing their debut stage on TV from Music Bank. They have attitude, are good at rapping and I really like their style. The song is good, so give it a listen and see what you think. Even the music video for this song is actually really good. It’s my first time seeing the MV today, and I’m really plesantly surprised. JYP did good with these boys. They will have an awesome future in the music industry, I’m sure. This is also one of the bands where I like both individuals in the band equally – I have no favourite – this due to equal awesomeness in both of the boys.

Just found out they used to star in the second season of Dream High. That explains why I like them^^

Bounce LIVE PERFORMANCE (I recommend you start by watching this)

‘Bounce’ MV


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