D-d-d-don’t you want it?

Today I tried to get into Inkigayo with  4minute again, but oh-no, just my damn luck that the tickets were all out before my number so I couldn’t go in. I really wanted to see Infinite’s comeback performance – guh! So gutted about this…. Although I know I kinda should’ve been expecting it since I was soooo lucky last week to both get into the live show and the post-recording with both EXO-K and EXO-M, and also getting the fanservice from Chanyeol who made a heart to me and my friend after seeing us doing a heart to him, several times.
Also – yes, in the picture about I am wearing circle lenses. I got them before my birthday for only 5000 WON around Hongdae playground. Suuuuuper cheap.
Also B.A.P I’ve been loving to see live lately. I really have a crush for (방용국) Bang Yong Guk’s voice. I feel about his voice the same way I feel about T.O.P’s voice – they both have these awesome deep voices that make me all happy and uncomfortable at the same time 😛 Also his solo song he did with Yoseob from Beast/B2st “I remember” is so good. The MV for it is even better. Totally amazing. All the guys from B.A.P in general are so impressively talented.

God, looking at the picture at the top of this post made me realize how long my hair’s been getting this last month. It’s super-long now. I’m surprised myself. I’ve previously felt myself that due to lack of heat-protection spray my hair’s just been falling out and getting more and more damaged lately. Reminder to myself – please buy heat-protection spray through internet before going back to Sweden so it’s been delivered when you come back home. Because I need it badly. My hair does, at least. I feel almost like I’m on the verge of getting alopecia. Maybe I should start drinking more milk again here. Eventhough Korean milk only tastes like cream. It’s really disgusting…

EDIT: Below you can watch the music video for Bang Yong Guk’s aweeesome song “I remember” featuring Yoseob from BEAST;


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