Because I’m more korean than you

Yesterday I had a moment of hating the shitty rainy weather and also suffering because the quality of my skin isn’t as good as I want it to be (which is “flawless”). So I bought some pills that are supposed to be good to eat to clear up your skin. Then I went to Holika Holika in the pouring rain and they had a 30% discount going so I thought I should only buy a new BB cream there since mine is running out. The woman in the shop greeted me and then told some something like “Oh your skin is horrible!! We need to fix this!! I have to help you!” and then starts pointing out this Snail cream they had. Also she showed me pictures of the progress of the product, very professionally and expressed her sympathy for my problem. I couldn’t help it, I had to buy it.
So now I’m trying out this snail mucus based cream for my face that is supposed to clear and heal and regenerate the skin to make it look better. I’ve read about it in the past and I heard that both koreans and japanese people are crazy about it.

So here’s hoping I’ll look better, healthier and happier within a month when my face is used to the product.
I’m crossing my fingers!

This is also the korean make up brand that CN Blue are doing commercials for, I got this poster in one of the stores during one of my first weeks in Korea and now it’s hanging in my room on the inside of my door;


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