What I watched yesterday

                                   SBS Midnight TV Entertainment Big Show Coverage

It was really short on BIG BANG but it was so cool that they showed footage from the BIG BANG Alive concert.
It seemed like the programme was more up for promoting that Shinhwa-band instead of Big Bang, but it’s the first time I saw an interview with BIG BANG on korean TV, so it made me happy^^
I’m gonna miss seeing the SBS showing of the official concert footage tomorrow, so please someone record it and put it up on Youtube or something! I hate that I’m gonna miss it :/
But on the bright side, I’m spending tomorrow celebrating my friend’s birthday (late) and it’s gonna be so much fun, since my whole class, including a teacher, is coming to have fun!
And also I really want to go drinking again, because I’ve been stressing so incredibly much about schoolwork lately. Ugh.


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