BIG BANG Alive concert 3

This is honestly the best concert I’ve gone to of all the three Big Bang concerts I saw here in Seoul the last weekend.
I got filmed dancing and singing along during “Love Song” this day.

* VIPs where going crazy from the first second on the “Alive” intro. I think everyone knew from the first second that it was going to be a brilliant show. BIG BANG’s energy was great. It was noticable that they were there to have fun with the VIPs.
* GD’s highlights today where green/yellow
* During “How Gee” TOP and GD where back loving their swagg on their segways and Taeyang on his bike.
* At the end of “How Gee” Taeyang did a somersault which this time was completely successful – and impressive
* Seungri told the audience that the concert is recorded for the DVD and that we should have fun (or something similar)
* Daesung danced to “Ma Boy” and sang it again, the crowd went crazy
* TOP was dancing more during “Fantastic Baby” than previous days at the concert^^
* TOP sang a part of “Wings”
* Seungri taught the audience to dance to “Fantastic Baby”, again
* TOP says he loves “Fantastic baby”, whilst GD loved “Ain’t no fun”.
* Taeyang was singing a part of “Bad boy”, fanservicing for the VIPs
* The crowd was singing “Blue” instead of the band
* The VIPs where singing along to “Wedding Dress”, you could hear the VIPs singing much  clearer than Taeyang.
* Taeyang continuously ripped his clothes off and threw to people in the crowd. Constantly topless and loving it – Taeyang.
Seungri was imitating Yang Sajangnim in Kpop Star
* GD was crying at the end of “Love Song”,  Taeyang put his arm on GD’s shoulder.
* The VIPs sang “Haru Haru” and the boys held out the mics for the VIPs to be heard better ❤
* GD wore a pink hat during “Gara gara go”
* Seungri and Daesung where again in the plastic balls in the zones 3 and 5 rolling around over the VIPs, so much fun.
* GD took a fans’ headband (with these red Mickey Mouse-ish ears on it), wore it first on his hoodie (he looked really funny with the yellowgreen hair, hoodie on and headband on that), then just on his head (so he looked more like a girl….) and then threw it out to someone on the other side of the crowd
* TOP stole a fans’ headband with the BIG BANG crown on it. He didn’t give it back. He kept it on.
* Taeyang tried to strip off GD’s shirt, GD said “Andwaeeee??!??” (God, G-dragon is such a tease!! I can’t! I just… can’t handle him <3), then he started chasing Seungri, who also refused to go topless and then all of them went for Daesung (no one even dared to try to strip off TOP’s shirt, shame, but I understand, his deathstare is not to be played with) and they managed to get Daesung topless. Daesung quickly after found a vest to wear over though, shame, Daesung’s body is looking quite f*cking saucy now.
* Everyone was starting to leave when this conversation occurred;
Seungri: Aren’t we leaving?
T.O.P: You guys, I don’t want to leave. Band, can we please do an encore of “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”?
* TOP managed to get them all to do the encore (after the band had been playing around onstage for a while) and the energy onstage and in the crowd was pumping.
* Both GD and TOP where shaking hands with fans in the moshpit.
* The boys where sitting in front of the audience during “Bad boy” encore.
* Before the encore when the boys where playing around, TOP started rolling Seungri down the stage. So much fun!
* The last performance of “Fantastic Baby” both the VIPs and the band where going totally crazy.
* GD wore TOP’s white glasses during a part of the gig. TOP was wearing red sunnies again in the beginning.

— Set List —

  • ALIVE Intro
  • Tonight
  • Hands Up
  • Fantastic Baby
  • How Gee
  • Stupid Liar

<GD&TOP Solo Stage>

  • Knock Out
  • High,High

<Seungri Solo Stage >

  • Strong Baby
  • What Can i Do
  • Gara Go !
  • Number 1
  • Cafe
  • Bad Boy
  • Blue
  • Love Song

<Taeyang Solo Stage>

  • Only Look at me
  • Wedding Dress
  • Where you at

< Daesung Solo Stage>

  • Haru,Haru
  • Lies
  • Last Farewell


  • Sunset Glow
  • Heaven

<ENCORE 2nd>

  • Fantastic Baby
  • Bad Boy

Something silly:
I still don’t properly understand BIG BANG’s new concept.
After Seungri does “Strong Baby” all of a sudden the speakers say
And it’s never “explained when BIG BANG actually save the world. Or if they leave the world in peril after the show too…. :/
It confuses me a lot.

Something quite amazing:
At one point of the gig I noticed GD looking at me and I waved (I was sitting a bit back, but I could still see him clearly and he could see me because of the light), then I see him smile, then shyly he turned to Taeyang and the said something that it korean sounded like “The foreigner is pretty” and I could see Taeyang look up into the stage and see me (I was wearing a red short dress) and then he agreed with GD. I’m not sure if I understood the situation correctly, but I’m 90 % sure that is what happend. And it will forever be one of the best things that’s ever happend to me. I mean, I know Taeyang would recognize me, and no-one around me was an “obvious” foreigner.
This has made me stay deliriously happy the last days.

I’m still suffering since I still don’t have money enough to buy the BIG BANG hoodie that they were selling outside the concert. It was so expensive though, almost as much as a concert ticket. Shame, but it looks awesome. I hope they start selling it on the YG Entertainment shop soon. I want one, I want one so badly. I still don’t know the korean address to my hasook-jib though :/

My current opinion on G Dragon: I love him and I’ll love him forever. The last concert was like the tipping point. One person I really NEED to meet during my lifetime is GD. He’s such an inspiration to me, such a talented person. And of course so extremely full of swagg and coolness. I still wanna badly cut his fringe off though. But he is still the most attractive person I’ve laid my eyes on.

I love watching GD during this performance; Fantastic Baby (GD focus)

Playlist to some of the best fancams from the BIG SHOWs:


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