BIG BANG Alive show 1

Okay so this is my experience of my first BIG BANG concert ever and the first Alive show they played in Seoul.

Arriving at Olympic Park station there was already walking out of the station loads of stands where older women and men where yelling at me and my friend to buy fan merchandise. When we arrived outside the actual venue there was a huge area (like an outside carnival almost) where you could play games, buy fan merchandise, write personal messages to the band and watch old live performances/commercials/music videos of BIG BANG on a big screen. So luckily there was a few things we could to whilst waiting to get in to the concert.

Some constructive criticism when in comes to YG entertainment hiring people to work for BIG BANG ALIVE concert:
Unfortunantely we realized soon though that there was a lot of people hired to work there, none of them really working and only very very few of them knew any english at all. Me and my friend Cheng, from Hongkong, saw 20 people walk past, all of them carrying one paper box each, and these boxes where empty, so they weighed nothing. This showed basically how much slacking off the people hired by YG entertainment were doing. I mean, honestly I could’ve done a much better job, with my large experience of working in festivals and vague knowledge of how to speak korean. Also this pissed me off slightly because all people working got free BIG BANG sweathers (these cost each 75 000 won, 13 000 won less than one concert ticket, so they are really expensive and I really want one). YG entertainment, next time you need people with experience to work for you and actually get stuff done – hire me, seriously. I’ll be a better, more effective and more thankful worker than the obviously unexperienced and unhelpful people that there were a lot of working at the venue.
I had a man yelling at me not to smoke outside in one place, but when I asked him (in both korean and in english) where I could smoke instead (there was a place for this, I later found out) he just kept yelling “NO SMOKE!”, eventhough I put out my cigarette and continuously had told him that I understood what he said, in korean. One girl we walked to to ask for help she turned away (my friend looks asian, you must know at this point) and ran away when she saw that we were walking towards her and saying “Excuse me”. We were in no way “offensive” but she saw us, ignored us and then ran the opposite way. Professional? Definitely not!

CONTINUANCE of my BIG BANG concert experience:
At 6PM we were lined up in different lines (depending on zones of standing inside) to wait and they didn’t start letting us into the venue until 7.30PM and it was sooooo cold. I briefly talked to some chinese and japanese girls outside whilst wer were trying to keep our body warmth and then when we finally got in I was in zone 5. Amazing place. But the venue was already (eventhough not many people were inside yet) getting really really warm.

I had a great moment when they started showing the GD & TOP music video to “KNOCK OUT” (뻑이가요) on the big screens next to the stage (the stage was so small, I was amazed) and me and a japanese girl standing next to me where dancing the choreography and singing along to all of the lyrics. We were awesome (we got a crowd of people watching us and smiling, all so happy about going to see BIG BANG  (빅뱅).

The concert started (heartbeats pounding in the speakers, making everyone yell and scream their hearts out) and the new concept of BIG BANG I interpreted like;
BIG BANG are a force of alien futuristic people sent to save the world from something evil, they had been frozen for years and now came to save us. The part about saving the world was continuously repeated in the speakers. BIG BANG arrived in these capsule-esque glass holders from the ground (I think, if I can remember it correctly). The first song they played was alive and it was such a great way to introduce the band, I think they did part of an old intro-song aswell, but I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s really good. Of course it is, all BIG BANG intro songs are really well produced. It was so crowded in zone 5 though, and the security guards where yelling at us even before the show started and people kept falling over in piles on the floor.
I absolutely loved seeing the live performance of the new song “Fantastic Baby”, the dance is awesome and I always squee when I hear TOP (탑) say “BOOM SHAKA LAKA”. It’s so cool. Taeyang seemed to be really into doing the dance and all the members seemed so happy to be there. TOP was apparently a bit sick but he seemed really happy. If I remember correctly G-dragon said TOP’s haircolour made him think TOP’s hair looked delicious and that he wanted to eat it. So funny.

I’m still so gutted about G-dragon’s new hair though. His fringe/bangs make him look so un-sexy to me. He can still pull off looking really cute when he blows up his cheeks and pouts, which he did when he sat on the side of the stage for a while at the end of the show, but he is no longer the sexy GD as I remember him. He looked so much better when he had a normal (not loooooong) fringe and headband in gold/silver whilst performing. And I couldn’t help thinking how much;
1. I wanted to sprint onstage with a scissor to cut his fringe off to make it look more like this again, I still think this fringe is what makes him look the most attractive and cute and irresistable;

2. GD wearing a long white stylish jacket (not the one with the Great Britain flag on, that one was brilliant too though) made him look like a chic futuristic Count Dracula. And eventhough his outfit was awesome, I just can’t find him sexy with that silly fringe. Please GD – cut it off!

On the plus side though, I noticed GD has two new tattoos. Both on his ribs. One says “Forever” and one was smaller, written in like a zombie-esque writing-style (if you understand what I mean) and it couldn’t read what it says. This of course looked really good in his loose tank-top/wifebeater and there was less focus on his silly dragonball tattoo. I love G-dragon with all my heart, and forever will, but that dragonball-tattoo is so silly-looking. I loved seeing the “Too fast to live, too young to die” tattoo up close though, it’s one of the best tattoos I’ve ever seen and it’s one that I even myself could consider getting (eventhough I’m the most undecisive person in the world especially when it comes to forever branding myself like that, and that’s saying something).

Seeing “High High” and “Knock Out / 뻑이가요” live will still be one of the best experiences in my life. Dancing along and singing along to these two songs was the best ever, even if TOP and GD didn’t have much connection with the crowd at all during these songs.

One other thing that made me sad was that G-dragon didn’t play any of his solo songs. I really was hoping to hear Heartbreaker, Obsession, She’s Gone and Breathe, if I was lucky enough. But no, nothing. TOP and GD didn’t sing any of their solo songs. It’s a shame too cause I love TOP’s “Pretend to be unconcerned” and the live version of that song is a billion times better than the recording.

I had a moment with TOP sometime after “Fantastic baby”. He looked at me with his smouldering eyes and I blew him a kiss, he just smiled and waved at me. So cute.
Also I’ve seen all the boys in leather pants. GD was wearing red ones. And I’ve been in less that two meters distance of all of them.

I think GD saw me, and smiled, but that was from far away and when he went closer, he just totally ignored me. :/ Unlucky.

Other good moments:

* Taeyang making GD lift up his shirt for the audience (his stomach is so fit, I love it) after Taeyang himself ripped his own shirt off…. for the second time of the show….
* Seungri is all badass and loving himself (and scary pervy at times)
* Taeyang looking at me like “Foreigner! OH?!?”
* Daesung wearing wings during “Wings” and flying over the crowd
* Everyone making fun of TOP for looking like an adjusshi in his Harry Potter-esque glasses
* After they went off stage the first time fans where chanting “Saranghae!” (I love you” second time they went off stage fans where shouting “Encore” (really badly pronounced, like én-cô-láé)

Set List:
1. Alive (intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up (remix)
4. First break/ment
5. Fantastic Baby
6. How Gee
7. Stupid Liar
8. Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri stage break/ment
— GD&TOP stage–
9. High High10.Knock Out –Seungri Solo stage —
11. Strong Baby (remix )
12. What Can I Do
13. Gara! Gara! Go!
14. Number
15.Cafe (new choreography)
16.BAD BOY (reggae version)
17.BLUE (dance version)
20.Love Song

— Taeyang’s Solo —
21. Look at me
22.Wedding Dress
23.Where you at

— Daesung’s Solo —

25.Haru Haru – acoustic version
27.Last Farewell

— Encore —
28.Sunset Glow

The sound of the gig was sometimes disorted and my friend got really annoyed with it, and she said it threw her concert experience off.
Also she thought that this concert didn’t touch you in the same way – feelingwise. And I agree. Even recorded on DVD the other previous concerts have been better with song-layouts and the setlist for the gig was not enough to make fans actually properly cry from happiness.

Other than that, it was a great concert and I can’t wait for the concert tonight and tomorrow.
BIG BANG is and forever will be one of my favourite bands in the world. And I am gutted that they’re leaving Seoul for their world tour soon. I just hope the new concept and set-list is enough to make them famous worldwide. Cause with this setlist I’m not sure.

Oh and they didn’t play my alltime favourite song of theirs “What is right”. So sad. But I understand, it’s not famous enough :/ :/ :/


2 thoughts on “BIG BANG Alive show 1

  1. thank you for sharing your experience with us. i liked your review because it had some constructive criticism, unlike some i’ve seen so far.

    from what i’ve seen on the fancams, i do agree with you that the sound needs to be fixed. as well as interaction with the crowd. maybe the concert won’t feel like it lacks something if they do interact more with the crowd. since it was the first day of the concert one hopes they will probably tweak things and make some changes.

    actually from the things i’ve read of the concert it reminds of their early days when they learned and got better as they went along on tour.

  2. Åhhh jaa! jag har hittat en kul blogg om en svennebanan i Korea! F-YEAH! Är själv intresserad av att åka till Korea och plugga så det är jättekul att läsa om studentlivet i Seoul! Jag undrar om du skulle kunna berätta lite mer om hur du hamnade i Korea, var det ett strategiskt val eller var det mer av ett surpirse moment? Som jag förstår studerar du vid Göteborgs Universitet, vilket program läser du? ^^
    Spelar ingen roll om du inte vill svara (skulle ju vara kul dock :P) men det är i vilket fall som helst kul att läsa din blogg!

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