You’re so sex

Today I’ve been having an awful pain on my right side of my stomach since I woke up. It could be my liver, my appendix or I just stretched a nerve or something, but it’s been annoying considering I have a cough and this morning whenever I coughed I wanted to die and cry…. No fun really, you know?

Yesterday I had so much fun at Cocoon. I went out with Amanda, Chris, Richard (from Holland, Savannah (who’s chinese), Brooke (who’s from New Zeeland) and three teachers – Jewels and Eliza from Canada and Jodie from Scotland.
We had so much fun!

First I went to talk to the cute bartender and when he saw me he was all happy, I could see it on his face. Later when I talked to him (he’s so handsome) he said he’d missed me (whilst determinedly holding my hand) and then he said;
“You’re so sex”

………so that’s been the main joke going around today at the hostel. I am sex. I am intercourse. Haha. Konglish is the best sometimes.

I also met a korean guy named Soo Min at Cocoon yesterday… I got his number after dancing with him for an hour or so trying to conversate with him through my iPhone since the sound there was so loud that we couldn’t hear what each other said. Also his english wasn’t that good and my korean is so far shitty so that didn’t go any well. The sentences he understood that I said to him in english were;
“I like you”
“You’re fun!”
“You are cute!”

So those were the three sentences I kept repeating whilst talking to him. Haha.
Also he was trying to fix my hair, hold his forehead against mine and protect me from other people bumping into me the whole time I was near him. That was cute… And he kept fixing his own hair a lot too, that was so funny. Men here really care about their appearence… That’s some culture shock, I see men in nail salons when I walk past them, men wearing the weirdest “fashionable” clothes and there’s seperate make up shops for men aswell. It’s wicked. Oh, and my american friend John’s biggest culture shock reaction was that the boys/men here all wear man-purses. It’s brilliant.


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