The Soju anxiety

This morning (January 3rd) I woke up at 7-ish AM with the worst feeling ever. I was really badly hungover and my mouth was so dry. Horrible. I had no water around either, and my painkillers were locked in my suitcase which is really loud when you open it and there were about five people sleeping really close to me. I tried to fall back asleep but no luck, I tried for about three hours before I got off my ass and tried to stand up without vomiting. I succeeded and got down to the nearest cornershop so that was lucky.

I realised that I continously, wherever I go, bow my head to people (it’s a courtesy-thing in Korea) and say “kamsahamnida” (thank you). Oh and walking into some make up stores is horrible. At Etude House today a girl followed me all around the store, with like a two feet distance from me. Horrible. But at least I got loads of free gifts when I bought stuff there (although, since the woman following me around was trying to help me aswell, I bought more than I really would’ve in the beginning).

I spent today with my classmate-to-be Amanda. We went to an outside market, cause it’s so freaking cold outside during the night so I really need to buy a “mössa” (hat), and also to a Lotte Supermarket (where they sell anything you want in a jumbo or multi-pack). I never found a hat, but I’ll try again soon to find a hat and a scarf as soon as possible. It’s so so cold in the evenings here.

Oh, and I was trying out my circle lenses (doll eye/cutie eye) today! It took me about 20 minutes to put them in, whilst I was crying because of my eyes blinking madly at the touch from my finger and the lens. Horrible. Luckily Amanda taught me an easy way to get the lenses out and therefore it took me only like ten seconds when I tried to take them off.

I got lost earlier too in Hongdae, trying to walk back to my hostel after shopping and drinking coffee at Starbucks with Amanda. It’s so random, they have all the major american food stores here. Pizza hut, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Dominos. So strange.

Oh and we’ve seen military boys walking around as well. They usually come in a group of five. So korean boys +military outfits = grrrr. Srsly.

New words/sentence for today:
bogo shipeo – I miss you (“want to see you” directly translated)
tambe – cigarettes

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