Subways and alcohol related issues

Last night I spent watching Music Bank at the hostel with fellow visitors, it’s so much fun that many people love kpop that visit Korea. And then also I went out with my future classmate Mikael for a beer with his mates. We went to a bar where the waitors didn’t seem to trust us so they asked for money up front before giving us beer, also they ID’d us as soon as we stepped inside (I, being 21 years old, was the yougest among us, the rest of them were like 26 years approxamently), which of course I understand but then I gave them 1000-notes of won, and I’ve got both newer and older ones and they refused to accept the older ones.

Due to that, I’m really mad at the Swedish exchange system Forex, cause they should’ve told me and known that the older notes of won aren’t accepted everywhere. Ah well, it’s only a smaller amount of cash, and it’s accepted in some places, but not everywhere.

We were only drinking for about an hour and due to that I took my beer with me when we left. So I was after saying goodbye to them, walking around down the street, Hite-beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. If this at least made me look cool, it also on the negative side made people really stare at me, so I quite quickly put the beer down in the street. It got me all paranoid, I first assumed that it was because it was illegal to drink in the street in Korea, but according to my hostel friend Tony it’s legal to drink in the streets here. So yeah, it might have something to do about the cultural side of not acting stupid amongst people that are your superiors, or older than you are…


I really want to go travel round Seoul and learn the subway system soon, cause it confuses me an awful lot currently.

I think I’m going with Mikael and his friends to Itaewon today, it’s just that Amanda might come along and I haven’t heard from her since yesterday… I’ll wait for a bit longer, then ask Mikael where to meet them. I really don’t know how to get to Itaewon. Or anywhere on the subway system to be honest…


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